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Real Estate Co-investment

We are delighted to hear that you are looking for long-term real estate co-investment opportunities for passive income strategies. At PGA Consultoria, we are inspired by like-minded Families who are committed to building a Legacy and ensuring quality housing with shared facilities (SPA/ GYM/ Electric Bikes/...) in different Portuguese locations.


We believe that the best way to predict the Future is to build it... That's why we decided to join hands with some of our Friends and Clients to invest in remote areas of Portugal located around the airports of Lisbon/Porto - less than 2 hours drive.



Alcobaça - 117km to Lisbon

This is a project located next to the Monastery of Alcobaça, one of the most magnificent gothic monuments in the country. A new hotel is just opening inside the Monastery. 

Alcobaça is 15 min drive from the Giant Wave of Nazaré and 1h30 drive to the airport of Lisbon.


Mafra - 35km to Lisbon

This is a project located close to the Palace-Convent of Mafra and the Royal Building of Mafra is a monumental Baroque and Neoclassical palace-monastery with beautiful gardens and a forest that can be visited.

Mafra is 30 min drive (1h by bus and metro) from the airport of Lisbon.



Figueiró dos Vinhos - 177km

This is a full rehabilitation project located in the historic area of a low density population area. For that reason it will be eligible for the most efficient capital gains and rental tax on your personal capacity of only 5%. Only require 280.000€ Golden Visa. 

Apart from the amazing building accommodation and facilities, there are several river beaches and little water falls around to enjoy.

Coimbra is the nearest town with Universities and Hospitals and it is 35 min drive.  


To be decided

We have received several interesting projects and will decide together with the Board of Investment at PGA Consultoria - Real Estate branch. 

In case you are interested to join our Families Co-investing in any of the projects that we are analyzing we will be looking forward to have a zoom call with you to confirm if we share the same vision.


Kindly schedule directly at:

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