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I am a "Business Enthusiast". Since the young age of 4, I have told my parents I wanted to go to University, because I felt stuck in Kinder Gardner. When I turned 6 I started making some money by selling the extra supplies I had in school, just for fun. And at the age of 16 I launched a clothing brand with my own design made with the Mentoring of my Art Teacher. Finally when I entered College I felt at home.


The importance of academic education in an International Business School, is very significant in the areas such as marketing, business strategy, finances, and so much more. I find that not only the learning from the gifted professionals that I have met as well as the possibility to travel and experience different cultural environments is very helpful to understand the concerns and request of Foreign Families moving in to Portugal.


Building Legacies is the most inspiring fuel to always go for our best. 

I am very happy with the learning that I have gained since January 2022 when I have joined PGA Consultoria and felt very honored to have been invited for Partner in 2023. I am very curious to meet you and start building your Real Estate Investment Portfolio in Portugal.

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