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I trust PGA Consultoria to provide with best life insurance policies that can be a part in the fiscal efficient solutions we design for our clients. 

José Seixas Vale, Managing Partner at Plater

I have the chance to work with the Team that have made the change in my family. I have experienced in first hand and now I have the opportunity to work with other families and I am committed to be the change that will inspire other families to take the step and START a NEW LIFE.

Nicole, PGA Consultoria Adviser

My wife and I felt in love with a house and we wanted to move straight away. I have to thank PGA Consultoria for helping us with the negotiation, once we have saved 60k € on this purchase.

Rui Assunção, CCO at NDrive

After the unexpected death of my brother, I was impressed with the dedication of PGA Consultoria to all the procedures for the money regarding the life insurance to be delivered to my sister in law.

Pedro Ascenção Managing Partner at AMBA

All my life I have trusted that my bank would look after my interests. After a visit to my bank manager with a skilled PGA Consultoria consultant I have found out that I had no idea about some of the investments made and also that all the deposits were with a lower interest rate then the average offered by the other banks. 

Ana Boto, Pediatrician at Hospital da Luz