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We provide clients with a complete spectrum of services related to financial transactions, helping them embrace change, reducing costs, crossing financial difficulty, or crisis. Explore our insights and service offerings.

Pedro Guerra Alves
CEO & Founder

PGA Consultoria welcomes you and your family and we are committed to being part of your dream. I feel blessed to have witnessed so many that have come true since 2002...

This service model is based on the knowledge that the best result is not measured by the amount of money you earn or the percentage you save... We are focused on the Service you deserve and the Peace of Mind you seek in your Financial Adviser, specially if you are a foreigner in Europe (Portugal). 

At PGA we seek to work with families who wish to commit to building a long-term Legacy. We invite you to learn more by making an appointment with online services.

Being the father of four children and having the privilege of marrying their mother Filipa, who is an angel that holds the Family together, even when I have to participate in inspiring international events, sitting with some of the most important Family Offices and Finance Advisers from the world, traveling to Dubai, Monaco, Orlando, Joburg ... allowed me to be prepared to face the challenges of the world today.

Multidão com máscaras

PGA Team is working remotely full-time (flexible time to schedule video meetings)  since the 12th of March #Staysafe

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