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We have long term partners at the Banks and we prepare your mortgage together.

We are the bridge between you and your bank in Portugal, according to your preferred agenda and free of charges.

Loftfinance Lda. is the Mortgage Broker at CMVM

We are partners with Loftfinance to provide access to the best mortgage solutions. Our mortgage service is in partnership with one of the most relevant  players in the business.

We have Tax Advisors to assist you to have the most efficient income structure for you and your Family.

We are partners with a specialized accounting company with more than 100 employees, for management support and IT support services. When working with our partners, PGA will always be another arm for your business and the opportunities involved.

Metlife is the largest Life Insurance Company in the world.

PGA has been an exclusive agent for Metlife since 2002. All our staff is also made by exclusive agents for Metlife to offer the service you deserve:

1. Confidentiality (no administrative department)

2. Best possible support for your family in case of Death, Disease or Disability

Our Lawyers have been working with PGA since 2003

We select senior lawyers with Portuguese law firms to provide all the tax, legal and operational consulting services necessary for the Golden Visa process as well as for the Non Habitual Residency benefits.
Ideal for international families that want to establish in Portugal. 

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