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We are a finance boutique skilled to prepare turnkey projects for companies and families.



PGA Consultoria is a Portuguese company known to provide worldwide services. The financial consultancy services include access to all the mortgage institutions/ banks and the best insurance solutions. 


Our Partners are our Mirror. We have developed long lasting working relations with some of the best players to provide you an honest selection of services for you to move to Portugal. 
If you already live in Portugal you might have a few interesting insights as well.


We have a team of professionals dedicated to the Families needs and requests to prepare taylor-made solutions. That is why Clients become our friends.


Operating in a small country such as Portugal (Europe) we have the opportunity to reach any type of Real Estate Investment. We understand that there is no road long enough to achieve your goals, and we have a network of real estate partners that can provide with any deal that matches your interests, and that is the key to our success, because your friends and family will want to work with us too.

We take very seriously the importance of Service, so we will adjust to your agenda any where in the world. More than 80% of our clients live abroad and they appreciate to handle their financial affairs at any time. We understand the idea that opportunity demands a fast decision and that some decisions can't wait for tomorrow. 


Avenida do Forte, nº 8, sala P3

2790-072 Carnaxide, Portugal

Tel: +351 965 251 433

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