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PGA Consultoria welcomes you and your Family!!!

We feel blessed to have witnessed so many Dreams (+1.000) that have came true since 2002... Only a small minority of Families, will actively prepare for investing and building wealth. Are you ready to join our Multi-Family office and prepare for Longevity.

This service model is based on success Fees only. This how you know that we are serious in delivering service, once if there is no deal, we have no income.


Knowledge, and demonstrated capacity to develop and manage Real Estate, is vital for serious investors that have committed their savings, and trusted PGA Consultoria. On behalf of the Team I can only say that we work to provide the Service you deserve and the Peace of Mind you seek, when investing in a foreigh Country.

We are ready to assist you in, in case of the acquisition of your indiviual and independent investment, and you will be free to consider to join the other Families, as Eraly Bird investor, regarding the Multi-family housing solutions, that are through  Co-investments.​

Being the Father of 4 (eternal children) and having the privilege of continuing marrying their mother Filipa, who is an angel that holds the Family together, specially when I have to participate in inspiring international events, sitting with some of the most important Family Offices and Finance Advisers from the world, traveling to Dubai, Monaco, Orlando, Manhattan, Tokyo, Singapure... allowed me to be prepared to face the challenges of the world today.

Our Team is looking forward to meeting you, and we hope that you enjoy building your Legacy.

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