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From a very young age I have always had a passion for the world of business, investments, economics, entrepreneurship, and have created in my mind a "healthy obsession" around the word PROFIT. The special attention to these topics is due to the fact that I grew up in a Family where these words  were present in everyone's professional lives.


Until the 12th grade, I continued with these interests, and despite being in the economic sciences area, where the biggest output is usually in areas related to Management and Economics, I ended up choosing the International Relations course. In fact I made this option because I have always had a great parallel interest in Foreign Policy. During this degree course I came into contact with a series of subjects and matters related to the history of economic development in several Countries, which increased my interest in economics and the world of investment. 


Although I was born in London, I have lived all my life in the center of Lisbon. I became a Partner at PGA Consultoria in 2023 with the intention to continue assisting foreign Families to invest in real estate in Portugal. At PGA Consultoria we offer services that will assist you with your Mortgage, valuation, negotiation and even will be able to recommend builders that will commit to be paid following the bank's inspections and valuations. The International background of the Team is the secret to deliver a dedicated service for Families that are committed to invest in Real Estate, to own their Home and also to build a strong passive income.

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