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Newspaper Público:
Magazine - Pontos de Vista - edition #77

Insignts on the story of PGA Consultoria and the preparation for long-term real estate investments.
After a near-fatal accident in 2016 when he experimented with a kite wing that ended without sequels in the Santa Maria hospital, Pedro Guerra Alves began a new phase of life. In 2017 he turned 40 and had two landmark events that led him to change his way of working and to achieve new goals in his Portuguese-based financial consulting firm and to start a business based in Dubai.

He began his career as a financial advisor in 2002 at the largest American company (AIG). Today, looking back 16 years have passed. What analysis does your career make?
The Great American Groups selected for their commitment to excellence and belief that they have always developed characteristics of rigor, discipline, dedication and resilience when playing competitive sports from combat sports to the Pentathlon, Tennis, karts, among others, which helped me to get my place among the best in Portugal for five consecutive years.
This status qualified me for national and international formations that were decisive for my career. Although I acknowledge the merit of several mentors in my training, from my teachers, Olympic athletes, directors, coaches and even people who, although they have no outstanding positions, inspired me to do our job well, I must confess with whom I have learned most through my career was with the customers! Especially the most complicated and rigorous and most demanding and demanding to this day.
After 16 years of constant learning, I can say that I have even greater motivation and determination to embrace Legacy creation projects for the different families with whom I work in solutions of heritage growth, financing or expansion of their competencies or business area, management consultancy and the ease of networking I have developed.

How did PT Visa arise and what differentiating factors did it bring to the market?
Portugal is the most interesting country for those seeking to obtain their second home, through investment in real estate, not only for the opportunity to know one of the countries that best combines peace and tranquility, the result of being a small and kind population, with the ease to create international business because it belongs to Europe, and because of the diplomatic relations that Portugal has with all the major world economies, in particular the ex-colonies, Brazil and Angola.
It is unquestionable that in the coming years we will receive thousands of investment candidates in real estate in Portugal especially due to the famous Golden Visa. That is why I intend to take an active part in the development of real estate in Portugal, in particular for the reconstruction of our historical centers, which are the legacy of a people of the world.
PT Visa was the company that I launched in Dubai together with a great businessman with extensive experience in international business. Dubai is an excellent market as we have access to a class of professionals who only have the possibility of residing in Dubai through a work visa. In particular, families who have accepted the professional challenge because they are displeased with the political and social situation of their country and have no intention of returning, but know that their stay in Dubai is subject to work visas and that they will have to have a plan . Europe is a desirable destination for any family with jobs and Portugal is one of the most sought-after countries for pensioners.

He is also the CEO and founder of PGA Consultoria, what is the company's focus?
PGA Consultoria was created in 2008 with a concept of "boutique" offering customers the possibility of accessing a family team with the ability to propose solutions in all financial areas. The way to ensure a wide range of solutions is to have developed partnerships in complementary areas and to indicate to the client a team of partners with more than 100 employees. Thus we have been able to combine the creation of strategies for growth of assets, with the best financing, accounting and legal solutions to support the creation or development of our own businesses.
The DNA of PGA is to be rewarded for the creation of solutions, so we do not charge any fee to our clients, since we have our remuneration guaranteed through banks and insurance companies when we find the solution that satisfies the client. The exception is the negotiation consultancy for real estate acquisition where we charge 11% of the amount we can reduce to the value of the property (eg if the client wants a property of € 1M and we can get it to be sold for € 900,000 we charge to the customer € 11,000). Because we work hard with foreign clients, this is a service that is much sought after.
Since we have financial training from a life insurance group, we always prepare for our clients savings solutions that are part of creating a safeguard for themselves (in case of serious illness or accident) or for the family in case of fatality that allow the financial objectives are always guaranteed. We know from the real examples we follow that there are rules that determine success. As the famous phrase goes: "If you fail to plan, you plan on failing."

As a financial advisor, what would you say are your key challenges? How do you get around them?
The greatest challenge for any consultant is to gain the trust of new clients. It is essential to understand the extent of our responsibility to develop the family assets we work with to increase the customer loyalty ladder - according to Michael Morrow MDRT is to win a potential customer until he becomes our client's ambassador. business.
The fact that the client decides to change his strategy without any rational, cost-saving or capital allocation to current extravagances will compromise the result in our work. Unfortunately, in my career, I have had to manage some unpleasant situations that forced the family to change their reality drastically. The vast majority of PGA customers were not wealthy when we first started working, but the overwhelming majority now have a much more comfortable financial condition and close to their goals. In some cases, customers have even achieved another standard of living.
You must have noticed that I talk a lot in the family, because I believe that in order to achieve an objective, the whole family must be compromised. One of the strategies I use is based on the work of Sunny Lee, which addresses the transformation of children from "Money Monsters into Money Masers" through small techniques that lead to motivation for their personal savings.

How can you manage your agenda to work with international and Portuguese clients? What are the most striking differences between them?
First of all, I want to thank my mother for giving me the ability to communicate in English fluently. As you have already seen, the PGA, PT Visa website and all the communication I make in Linked In is in English, since more than 70% of new clients are foreigners. We present a dedicated service because we are available to adapt to the client's schedule and I must confess that we have already had countless video calls out of hours so that they are available at a comfortable time for clients (eg China, Australia and Brazil) .
In order for communication with customers through video calling to be really efficient, we must be able to understand the real needs of the customer and be able to bridge the specific objectives of real estate selection, savings or financing.

Right now you are writing a book... Can we know what and how this initiative came about?
I think writing a book is in every person's imagination. Unfortunately, most people have not yet found their mission or their life project, and for this reason have not fulfilled this desire to write a book.
Before beginning my career in financial activity, I began my spiritual formation with a guide I have followed to this day and who taught me to take advantage of "coincidences" to achieve inner peace and personal fulfillment. I have adapted much of this knowledge in my activity, because I work with people every day and as a rule our reality is conditioned by our way of thinking and acting before the challenges of life.
However, I must acknowledge that when I first participated in the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) in 2017, after the near deadly accident in December 2016, my position in relation to my business vis-à-vis my clients and the market financial advisory has been completely changed. On receiving the Mentoring from the World's best financial advisors, who in turn also learn directly from some of the biggest fortu- nates worldwide, what they call "AHA MOMENT" - the moment in which with all the knowledge we have, the experience we develop seems to be consolidated in the way of thinking, acting and speaking.
By understanding the privilege I have had with training, travel, friends, clients and especially a marriage of more than 20 years, I decided that this was the moment to share this learning in a more global way. The only limitation
that we have to realize is TIME. No matter how rewarding it is to participate in the creation
solutions for customers and to share the
of their achievements, there is a moment
in which we must "share without looking at whom."
This was the moment when I decided to write this 31 book: "Coincidences that Happen to People
Of success".
The increase in work we have received
the PGA and PT Visa delayed the release of the book, this has been a positive result because it has received increasingly interesting contributions from people who are now achieving their goals and achieving their dreams.

What other projects are coming?
After starting the Investment Fund and launching the book, I will start the online academy for entrepreneurs seeking to finance their business internationally and who are available to manage their companies on online platforms so that it is possible any investor in the world to have access to real-time information. We already have some entries on the platform and we apologize for the delay in starting the academy, but we promise you will be rewarded with discounts and free videos at the time of the launch that we are planning for the end of the year.
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